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Three years into my first engineering job, my wife was three months pregnant, planning to be a full-time mom. Then I got laid off. I went into sales, which was two years of cold calling, baloney sandwiches, ramen soup and escalating credit card debt. The sales position was to become the fifth job I’d be fired from. Shortly before the dismissal, I discovered “real” marketing.

In the very next adventure, I applied those same principles online. We grew a product line 2000% in four years. The company was sold to a public firm a month and a day after 9/11. I braved the uncertainty and hung out my shingle as a consultant.

Six months later, Google launched the greatest innovation in marketing of the last 50 years: their ad auction system. I was one of the first people to crack the code on AdWords, which led me to write the world’s best-selling book on internet advertising, Ultimate Guide to Google Ads as well as Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads.

I define marketing as the art and science of helping people who need each other find each other.

Is there a more abused profession than marketing? But it’s essential because no fact, invention, expert, product, answer or solution can help anyone if nobody knows about it. Even science journals exist to sell new research findings to the world.

The biggest discovery of my career was the universal and fractal nature of Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 principle. 80/20 is the master pattern of the universe that nobody ever explained to you in school. I created the 80/20 Curve, which enables you to make highly accurate predictions using very small amounts of information. Harvard Business Review published it in 2018; NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs uses it as a productivity tool. There is a very unusual story behind the math formula. My book 80/20 Sales and Marketing is simple and easy to read, yet reveals an incredibly potent framework for solving myriads of business problems.

I joined forces with Richard Koch, the billionaire author of The 80/20 Principle, Star Principle, and Simplify. We organized the now-legendary $7500/person Star Seminar in Chicago. Winning businesses still reverberate from that gathering, such as Loan Builder, purchased by PayPal for a princely sum of money.

The Marketing DNA Test pinpoints the situations and skills most ideal for any particular individual who must sell and persuade.

My book Detox Declutter Dominate is a 36-page master framework for The New Renaissance. It begins with entrepreneurs engaging in Renaissance Time, where you listen to the Muse each morning; then progresses to dominating markets and making your company impervious to competition. My book Memos from the Head Office chronicles, in exacting detail, events in my own and other peoples’ lives that can only be categorized as prophetic.

“Planet Perry” is inhabited by tens of thousands of adventurers and renegades who believe entrepreneurship is the very foundation of human flourishing; that building a great business is one of the most honorable endeavors one can pursue. We hold virtual and in-person gatherings worldwide.

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